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Yay!!! It’s San Francisco Open Studios season! The huge Art Launch Party was a few days ago. I don’t know if my piece was purchased but I am always giddy to have been juried into this show. I could do a whole blog just about how much I appreciate and respect the ArtSpan organization. ArtSpan helps make San Francisco great by helping artists get exposure to thrive. Here’s a link to my spot there.

I brought my piece in for the Launch and got my guide to Open Studios. The guide is free and filled with listings on where to see each artists’ work. There is a short mention in the “Artist News” section about my book 😀.

Look for me at the above location . Weekend 4 is November 2 & 3.

I wish I had more art to share but it’s slow going now as we are in the final stages of getting our house ready to sell. Most of my art stuff is packed and I am extremely sad that there won’t be a big Dia de Muertos altar in my dining room as has been the custom for some years now. I had a huge vision on how I wanted to do a special altar for 2019. Well, it’s on for 2020, I guess…All of this plus more acquired decor is packed….here’s some pictures from the last couple of altars.

Thanks for checking out my blog ❤️.

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