Stuff and a Storefront Experiment


I’m in bed, enjoying a day off from packing as Boris ( the amazing floor guy we waited weeks for) is sanding the stairwell. There’s a touch of tendinitis bothering my ankle, so I’m resting it before things get busier.

I have so much packed up that I’m working on projects that I lost interest in. For whatever reason, I hadn’t packed or disposed of these canvases. I finished this skull yesterday and am glad I did, my husband loves it. Go figure?!

Loopy Skull 2019

I know I need to redesign or at least, update my art website. Instead, I went back into that Vida website and opened a ‘storefront’. The deal is, I choose a Vida product- pillows, apparel, plates, etc. and then I put my images on it. It doesn’t cost anything to do the storefront. Vida deals with creating the products and merchandising. I receive either a $commission on what’s sold or receive a Vida gift card for 2x $ what the commission pays. I’m going with the gift card plan.

It seemed as though my storefront might get swallowed up at the huge Vida website, so I purchased a promotional placement for 2 of the products to see how that works. Instantly, my promoted items popped up in ads on both my instagram and my Facebook newsfeed.

Each uploaded image that’s assigned to a product becomes a Line. I made a line I call ‘Sadie’. My brother went to visit our aunt in Seattle. Auntie has a collection of family photos on a wall and my brother sent me a photo of our Grandma Sadie.

As you can see, not an ideal image as is. I did as I do and put the image into assorted filters until I found one that I liked.

I remember Sadie kept her rings and loose change in a porcelain box with wisteria painted on it. I chose this filter with the little box in mind.

The image is on both sides of the tote. Comparing this tote to the tote I designed and purchased at Bags of Love, I start by the price. This tote is a lot less expensive but also is smaller and has no inside lining or pockets. Both totes feel durable. The image and colors are better than I expected.

Made into a tote. I was very surprised to have received the tote only a few days after ordering it. Vida has warnings that the orders may take extra time as items are made to order.

The next purchase of my own image on a thing, is from the ‘Midnight Skull’ line. A blue flowy top/jacket thing which I could wear to a concert.

I’m still experimenting with this website before I can give a 100% recommendation but here’s the link if you want to check out Vida, my storefront & products, or to open your own storefront – Vida .

Thanks for coming by my blog.

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