Lazy Day


I’m back in my bed, brooding that this house still isn’t ready to sell. May have to wait it out a few more months which wasn’t in the plans. I’m still upset about not having all my dia de muertos boxes accessible. No big deal but I’m mourning some special friends and family we just lost this year. Assembling the altar always helps brighten these sad feelings. Next year, will be a big altar, maybe, outdoors too. Having no idea where and how we will be living, just that there will a big shrine. If it can’t be big, it will be beautiful . Yes? YES!!

I’m also stressing out about missing my own open studios this very day. That searing tendinitis is back again, my ankle and left elbow. Happily, no pain or problems for my embroidery muscles. Just not moving around much, hence brooding. At least, the room is sparkling and freshened up with new carpets and clean bright walls.

I believe that I mentioned in the last blog, that I am tackling discarded embroideries found during the big clear out ?

This was a partially begun face on canvas. No idea when I started this, it took a couple weeks to finish but I am glad I didn’t toss it.

The lighting is off on a few of these pix.

I had not taken a ‘before’ photo of this skull. It was drawn over a different image, there’s a whole other embroidery project under that skull. I just stitched thru it.

The canvas before
Turned the canvas on it’s side, drew a skull over the center, removed the ribbons and beads.
Adding the skull to a larger canvas.

Adding more yarns. Looking forward to seeing how this fun skull works out.

I have plenty of unfinished or ‘abandoned’ canvases. I don’t know if all of them can be saved but now seems like a good time to revisit them. I don’t have space to bring in new big canvases – though,, nothing stops me from buying threads and yarns- still have a few drawers with some room in them, heh.

❤️Thanks to all who checked out my ShopVida storefront. If you purchase any of my designs, let me know where you are. I would like to send a surprise gift to you in thanks. I had enough sales to gain inclusion in Vida’s holiday collection 🥳

🎊A shout out to- Wool & Company – When my ‘go to’ yarn shops ran out of a particular yarn I needed to restock in my personal stash, Wool & Company had it and got it right out to me. Thanks!!!

Always, thanks for checking out my blog. I am rusty at blogging but looking forward to sharing all my upcoming book and art news here.


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