Happy December🤩

Happy December!

There’s been a bit of rain. I’m not a huge fan of rain ,but it’s given me a bit of extra time to sit and stitch. Sun will be back tomorrow and there’s yard work to catch up…but, today I finished this piece.

I hadn’t intended for my subject to end up with blue hair – I was collecting various grey yarns from my available stash, then as you read in my last blog, a mystery yarn box from ImagiKnit arrived. I saw that blue skein and the greys combined would be cool together.

I enjoyed adding the color to the greys and feel it was a successful combination.

Blue-Grey ‘hair’ is a combo of assorted yarns. Mostly, it’s ‘sheri’ by malabrigo.

The dark grey-deep indigo screamed for a bright background. I knew orange being the opposite color from blue would be needed but I didn’t really want to use too much because it would dull those yummy but subtle wrapped pinkish silk yarn 👄. By the way, that yarn is shown in the first image above. It came from ImagiKnit too. It’s from Japan and is Habu ‘6P N84’. Let me link you up- Wrappedsilk.

Original sketch had too many leaves- many got edited out for the finished canvas.

Maybe because its the season but, I kept feeling red and green would make an interesting background. I still have a few containers of favorite and new yarn . I was happy to have exactly what I needed on hand. I even ended up using another skein (the green) of malabrigo yarn that was included in the last mystery box.

On the newest canvas, woman with red flowers, Is the above indigo color for the hair and the background was filled in with the variegated green yarn. Received both skeins in a mystery box as I was beginning the canvas.

Not happy with the lighting, but here’s the finished canvas. May swap it out in a few days for a better photo.

I don’t have a title for this yet. The 2nd in my developing series of females with 🌺.
24 x 24 inches.

Thanks for checking in on the blog. I am putting together a little list holiday gift ideas for the embroidery obsessed .

Happy Holidays!

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