A New Year, a Birthday and a Book

Happy 2020!!!

I love having my birthday on the last day of the year! It’s already a new year for me. Everything is nuts. On 12/31/2019, My husband and I took a train up to San Francisco which reminded us of recent travels, which has really been, til now, the only time we rode trains together.

We grabbed dinner at Mission Rock Brewery, located just a little walk from the brand new Chase Center. My husband is very proud to be on the Founder’s wall. We are big fans of Golden State Warriors basketball…

Mr Artful Embroidery finds his name on Chase Founder’s wall.

I have yet to get to a game, so the concerts Dead & Company, were my first visits to this place. It’s new, bright and gorgeous. The shows were fun. I’m telling you, there’s just nothing like a NewYear’s countdown at a Grateful Dead family show. There was a bi-plane, jetting towards the stage. On stage out came 20 dancers dressed as 20’s flappers, dancing the Charleston, then the countdown, then Father Time (Bill Walton!) and Baby New Year (Wavy Gravy) came out just as my very very favorite moment began, the balloon drop! There’s nothing I love better than to look up and watch 5,000 balloons on the loose. I will never not laugh with delight at this.

61st 🎂💫

In bigger news, my ‘Artful Embroidery on Canvas’ published by CT publications is now available to purchase, borrow from a library or order in Kindle form. I could write an entire blog- maybe I will, on how proud I am, especially to see my book is already in some public libraries.

I already have a display with book and canvases embroidered with ImagiKnit’s Mystery Box yarn in the window of one of my favorite yarn shops, ImagiKnit located at 18th and Sanchez by the Castro area of San Francisco. If you have been reading along this year, you know I am always finding beautiful and uncommon yarns in this busy shop.

I’m going to be back very soon with a photo to filter to canvas design blog which I hope 🤞 you will find intriguing.

Thanks for reading my blog💫🌹 to order Artful Embroidery on Canvas, https://www.ctpub.com/artful-embroidery-on-canvas/

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