Sheltered in place, artful embroidery on canvas-Glass Bead Gel project part 2.

Part one of the project, we were leaving it overnight to dry.

Hi There!

My heart canvases dried after just a few hours. I was able to stitch the background and also added some random straight stitching thru the glass bead gel- if it’s not applied too thickly, there should be no problem stitching thru the glass bead gel.

The heart with (pink) Glass bead gel adding texture and shine on this canvas.

I think the heart is okay. I see it feels a bit out of balance, though. If I had my box of charms, buttons,beads and milagros, I would look for something to add at the top to balance the composition out.

I wasn’t completely happy that the heart is off center. I don’t have any beads, buttons, charms or other kind of embellishments. Here, I have placed a bit of foil to show where I would add an embellishment to balance out the picture.

Today and tonight, I will finish the other piece. It won’t take long. The yarn I choose has many colors and a strand of sparkly stuff. I will also use some of the apple green yarn.

Well, yes, I do wish I had written about adding additional texture by playing with the medium while it’s still pliable. As you see, I haphazardly, mushed a herringbone background. Do you see the little glass balls?

Thanks for checking in to see the last few projects. When I return tomorrow, I will share my shopping list for the next set of projects, show how I finished the heart ❤️ and maybe share a thought or two on how sheltering in place has been here.

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