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Still anticipating the move. Coming up super soon. I am very excited for my new artspace. The room is behind French doors, existing where one would expect a living room to be. I haven’t measured, but the room runs the length of the first floor. It’s clean, spacious and brightly lit. I will make it flexible enough to host workshops as well as Open Studios.

Can’t wait to organize my new art room.

I have been using Pinterest for creating a vision board. I’m pinning pix of studios, colors, storage methods, etc. I appear to like things colorful and ‘BOHO’ styled. The furnishings going in are on the eclectic side, so BOHO it may be. I look forward to documenting the entire process on this blog. Be warned!

Conveniently located in the front of the house.

Aside from the dreaming, it’s slow going until next week, when we really get into finishing packing the rest of our Belmont house. I am working on converting that 5lb Amazon yarn deal out of tangles into balls. So far, so good. Below is my progress also some of the 8 inch canvases I worked on this month.

As June goes by.

I am so grateful to have been reviewed by Mr X Stitch. Please, check this out this review-link. ❤️💫 outMrxstitch

Thanks for checking out my blog!

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