Setting Up for 50/50

24 suitable canvases for $24. Thank you dollar store. Did you know you can order bulk items on their website. Free shipping if you pick the order up at your local Dollar store..
Warning, our dollar store had me go to retrieve the order too early.
Hottest day ever and I was not happy to have to return again to pick them up. But, the canvases are great for embroidery.
But then, Michael’s had an incredible sale for bulk canvase and I had “rewards” and my Senior discount. I also took advantage of a nice deal for same day drop off service. Not as great a deal as Dollar Store but still an excellent discount. As you can see, I went ahead and marked 6×6 inch areas on each.

Just rounding up my needles and getting my Aunt Lydia’s black thread ready to go. Maybe I will put that random doodle
on a canvas. It’s a face and I’ve got to come up with 50 of them.

I’ve been sorting fabric and paper – I will be including on some canvases.
Also, mediums, paints, embellishments are going to be added to some canvases.

In preparation for this huge project, I’ve joined the participant group of 50/50 Artists on Facebook. One subject we are all interested in is how to work with the wooden panels each image must be attached to. I have clamps and glues ready but have yet to mess with that. something to think about as I work on these.

So, Howdy!
Even I don’t get why I’m posting three weeks in a row. It’s gotta be a good sign of how anxious I am to get started. Only a few days before the official starting gun sounds!!
The above photos show some of the preparation. I am also noting lengthy Ted Talks and piling up music to listen to while I’m stitching away. I am trying to explain to family and friends that I may be completely unaccessible thru end of August. This is the toughest part of prepping.
It turned out that the quarantine and 2021 pushed me in a few different directions as far as the art shows/stuff go. So many online exhibits- where I HAD TO BE PRESENT (I’m not very good at being present) Ive done a Table Setting, sent a heart shaped painting to the Mission Kiss, Posed naked with my art. Created an Altered Book piece from the book I wrote. I can’t even remember all the different things I did. The 50/50 is truly going to make or break my stride with so much to do.
Thanks for checking out this week’s meshuganess.
Cheers to a successful time for us all.

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