The Yarn Freaking Continues!

Happy December,
Drunk with the money from 50/50, I’m on another spending bender. It’s been bottled up since last year when I received a sweet commission and tip that, I blasted thru buying yarn.
My spendy adventure had to start with refilling my supplies. Brilliantly on time were crazy sales on bulk stretched canvas. My “Michael’s” rewards reached an unbelievable high and to ensure bulk buying was absolutely fated for me, it was a free delivery offer from DoorDash. What a happy day. I wasn’t done. I needed MORE…hearing that Dollar Tree is raising prices to $1.25 per item, I felt completely justified in buying as many 6″x8″ stretched canvases as could fit inside my tote bag (24!). I was going to order them- no shipping fee and items get picked up from the local store, but there were plenty in the craft aisle. I found canvas deals everywhere but Michael’s had dropped the price so much on my bulk orders that with the rewards benefit and free same-day delivery (No Michael’s, no craft stores, no yarn stores, no art supplies store, no fabric stores in my town!!!).
But, you aren’t here for the stretched canvas, are you? I promised YARN FREAKING and here we go with round 1, ready?
In the last blog, I had expressed disappointment that one of my favorite yarn company’s Madeline Tosh hadn’t shown any fun deals on mini skeins (otherwise called unicorn horns). And I had turned to Etsy for a sweet Mystery Bag deal.
Upon gazing all the Etsy yarn vendors, I decided on the Mystery bag deal provided by
DearMyna Yarns.

As I do, I informed the seller that I use yarn for embroidering and my preference for variegated colors. The exchange was very sweet.
Within a few days, my yarn arrived.

Still sunny in Marin. Might as well be outdoors for this reveal.

The packaging was bag within bag. The yarn is perfect- soft, clean and has a nice selection of variegated colors. I will be back again!!
Oh, there’s another yarn deal story for today…
The day AFTER my last blog, I received my daily e-mail from Madeline Tosh…..
It came with incredible news about those horns I had been searching for:

Without thinking I bought a bundle of 40 minis for $55….Later on, I went back- talked myself into going for the 100 minis but alas, the sets of 100 were sold out! Only the 55 mini skein bundle was left and I snatched that right up!!!
I had to wait as Madeline Tosh is quick to label but not to send out orders. All in all, it took 2 weeks for the first bundle to arrive (55 mini skeins!!!). Not a mystery bag but still no idea which yarns would be included.
Oh my stars, so much yarn!

I’m so happy with the first 55!! I even recognize some of the yarn without looking at the label from older projects. Of course, the 40 bundle is not here yet…or expected until next week (rolling eyes at Madeline Tosh). The fact that the mini-skeins are less than a dollar each, and how lucky I was to grab them before they sold out is reminding me to enjoy the wait.
More joy was to be found in my morning emails a few weeks ago when Diane from Imagiknit contacted me to bring some artwork in as the new owner has moved things around and there is some space for displays. Right before the sheltering started- Early 2020, I had a display of canvases and my book in the shop’s window, and someone walking down the street ended up purchasing one of the big canvases. We have a little history and as you know, Imagiknit is my “go to” for yarns.
Right now, the series of 10-inch portraits of notable women (photos in previous blog entry) may be viewed and purchased from .

Chanukah @ Chase Center-2019

This is getting lengthy and we have stuff to do! I will be back with that other bundle of yarn and maybe more surprises? Have a great solstice!!
Always, thanks for checking out my blog. Cheers!

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