Hello Again,
I’m excited that part 2 of my Madelinetosh mega mini-skein order is coming today!!!
I’m writing this blog around 10 am but will publish it after the yarn arrives.
I’ve also taken advantage of holiday deal pricing to grab some more balls of my staple Aunt Lydia’s 10 crochet thread. I really love merino wool and finally could locate a lace weight version of Malabrigo’s “Piedras.”

It’s another favorite yarn that is becoming tough to get a hold of….but, I finally found it at an online shop @ just $9 !!!!

Aside from the price, I like the option to see only what is in stock. I ordered from somewhere else and then got stuck waiting a long time for delivery because the shop I ordered from hadn’t restocked it yet. That is really frustrating when you want what you want, and there’s a deadline too!
Believe it or not, same yarn Piedras viewed from the website vs. Piedras used for the skin on this madonna.

Other stuff I’ve ordered besides so much canvas

Just a fraction of the canvas ordered with HUGE price reductions per Black Friday etc. I am determined to include more minor works easily shipped in some online setting. More about that next month.

I still have some panels leftover from the 50/50 exhibit and want to display them. Also, some of my other itty bitty pictures and ordered a couple dozen tabletop display easels.

Tabletop display easels.

Just checked, no yarn yet!!!

I also purchased one hundred sawtooth hanging brackets for all the tiny canvases I’ll be working with. They work best to hang the littles, and the pictures stay flat on the wall.

Update!! Yarn is here!

Yay 😁
The details

I’m pleased with my 2nd batch of mini skeins. There are mostly repeats from my first set, but with all these skeins, it’s expected still there are some that weren’t in the bigger batch received last week.

Before I jump into sorting (by color) the new skeins, I’m happy to tell you that my mini-series of 10-inch portraits are all available right now at Imagiknit!!

My portrait of Amanda Gorman is on display with other notable women at Imagiknit, SF, CA.

It’s my pets and grand pets!

Wishing you all a fantastic and memorable month!
Thanks for coming by the blog!

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