Talking to my mom on the phone
me: omg! I can’t believe I’m in my 60’s!!
Mom: How can you be in your 60’s while I am still in my 60’s?
We are both shocked to be over 40!

Happy New Year !!!
After a long rainy week, my birthday arrived!
My big day is 12/31!
I can never tell anyone, “My birthday is next year,” as my birthday is either happening or will happen at the end of whatever current year it is. But that’s one of the fun things about an NYE Birthday. We, with the NYE Birthdays, aren’t such a rare breed. I have 5 or 6 social media friends who celebrate birthdays on the 31st.
It’s another (as one of my kids said) another Greek letter of the same Plague that we’ve been wading thru. But, it was still a sweet birthday. Scotto drove me to Petaluma, the town north of us. We live on the edge of Marin County Petaluma is 12 miles up the Redwood HWY and is across the county border in Sonoma County No great pictures as my phone was blowing up with birthday wishes. But, it was a bucolic drive, farms, and pretty landscapes all along the way. Unfortunately, we only allowed ourselves an hour to poke around as we had Annie Sunshine with us.
Petaluma!!!!!!!!!!! Turns out it is a really cool little city. My first stop was a gallery that I read about that offers memberships. If I join, I always have gallery space for my canvases (not all at once). I checked that out. The gallery sitter didn’t greet me and seemed to avoid speaking to me. The artwork was very nice, but I didn’t like the black walls. Next, I want to check out another member gallery in Point Reyes (about 20 minutes via a back road). I saw the street that I had read had a yarn shop. I was so excited !!! Sadly, it was closed for inventory!
Scotto treated me to a Wicked Slush. A wicked slush, in this case, is a slushy that didn’t include alcohol but soft serve vanilla ice cream instead! I have been doing great with my weight goals (losing 5lbs a month for 3 months in a row/kid’s wedding in June) and stopped after 4 or 5 bites.
We walked around downtown for a little bit, and I was in awe of all the hustle-bustle of the street. So many more people than you would see in our sleepy Novato. I guess if we had wanted to be that much farther from most of our family and friends, we probably would’ve ended up in Petaluma; it’s so quaint and cute (there are yarn shops, fabric shops, art supplies, and tons of cute/weird places). I think as soon as we are done with the Greek letters of Plague, I will figure out the train system and get back up to Petaluma to see all the shops there.
Birthday time at home, I spent hours on the telephone reconnecting with family & friends as Scotto took up this year’s birthday cake challenge. He loves baking challenges, and I support that by kicking him out of his comfort zone (he bakes the same cakes over & over). You loyal readers may remember last year it was a Princess cake (lemon flavorings instead of raspberry) with a mirror glaze? So, this round, it’s an Opera Cake with chocolate and coffee notes. Of course, he nailed it!

Chocolate and Coffee Opera Cake for meeeeee!
Almost made it into a yarn shop!

We brought dinner in (Indian food is my fave), watched movies, got an extraordinary phone call from exceptional friends (they never forget me!!!). I’ve had so many ‘out there “ONLY ON NEW YEARS EVE CRAZY” Birthdays that a sweet, tender, and quiet at home one seems really special.
Here’s my last embroidered portrait for 2021,

Thank you for reading my blog. Happy New Year!
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