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January is turning out to be okay. I’ve completed a few more Lit Lady portraits since the new year. Finally, I am ready to finish the last picture for this little series. I tried twice to stitch this last authoress, but it took the 3rd try to satisfy me. But, my design for this canvas included a particular fabric for the background,d and I ran out of the material after the other 2 canvases didn’t work out. So, Sew, I’m waiting for Etsy to send it. I hope the fabric arrives really soon because I’m ready to move on and try to make epic artwork on the 3 huge canvases waiting for me upstairs in the guest room closet, where the big canvases get stored. I’m going to need that closet for my ‘mother of the bride’ dress….sometime soon!
Now, onto the finished portraits.
1. All the writers mean something to me, and I’m happy with my work.
2. I chose small 10″ canvases as they are not as labor-intensive. You all know that making stitched art on canvas larger than around 20″ requires either an unusually long reach or that one must stitch on a smaller canvas then attach it to a larger canvas.
3. I avoid shadows and excessive facial details (wrinkles!) because the canvas is small. It can be tricky to find what defines the subject’s essential features. I had to add shadows that last Lit Lady since the photographs I found are almost filled with shadows. Those shadows just seemed to distort the subject’s face. In the 3rd round, I left out all the shadows, and now, she’s much easier to recognize.
4. Though each writer is well known to me and familiar to most well-read women, I still researched their backgrounds and other writings. I spent hours listening to interviews on YouTube and pondering how much to add besides the writer’s image.

The first finished embroidery of 2022 had to be Emily Dickinson and her “Hope.” I used my Hobbii yarn on the background and on the peacock feathers. I’m not crazy about their 100% acrylic yarn- the balls that look like pricy Zauberball yarn. It’s fine on canvas but frizzy and breaks easily to work with. But, the colors are rich.
My favorite writer from the “Instagram era” is Lang Leav. I haven’t had a broken heart in a zillion years (Married to the best guy ever!). Lang nails the grief and sadness in her earlier poetry. The background is a coat of acrylic paint (reds & pinks) with (silver) alcohol ink “tears” splashing down.
I love a great saga spanning countries and complete lives. And Amy Tan’s stories are fully satisfying reading. Here is a fabric background of MahJong tiles print and a golden Gate Bridge stitched on. The Joy Luck Club was on my mind.
“If you have yet to be called an incorrigible, defiant woman, don’t worry, there is still time.”
There is so much to say about Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes! She is an amazing Cantadora (storyteller)! An extraordinary person gifted “Women Who Run With the Wolves,” and I cherish my copy. I started listening to an audio of the book and regret not going back to college and taking more Women’s Studies courses (I took a few classes at SFSU back in the day). In researching Dr. CPE, I could only find 2 photographs on Google images with her. The first is the faded bl& wh Author’s headshot from the ’90s. The 2nd was a white-haired older lady with flowers in her hair. I thought it was an updated picture and quickly set out to stitch. I was almost finished with the canvas when I went to see if there was any information on eye color for her. As I scanned thru the info I saw the “older” lady that I had almost finished was probably NOT CPE!
I went for a 2nd try, but this time, I turned to YouTube. There are many talks available by CPE but in them, she is only speaking, not appearing. So camera shy! I finally found the one interview of her with Toni Morrison on a Charlie Rose show from approximately, 2000. I screen grabbed her laughing in profile. The wolves are ready to run with her. I exchanged her floral scrunchie with a Monarch butterfly.

In other news, My “Linda Linda” is still on display in San Rafael. The reception and January Art Walk has been canceled since Marin is getting sicker.
I am pleased to let you know that again, I’m participating in the Annual Artist Member Exhibition at the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art . Last year, I received an “Honorable Mention” which I almost didn’t notice! I have missed so many art talks and receptions because either something else was planned or Scott couldn’t bring me. Being a grumpy, shy & introverted loner is getting old. I hope, in fact, I resolve to be more present. Love making art. finding things to say about is getting a little easier for me.
Have a truly wonderful January. I will return soon with the last Lit Lady SOON!
It’s stopped raining and I’m back for my shower of rainbows & orbs. Monday was incredible. You may want to mute the video and add music of your own.

Thanks for coming by!

Going to Marin Museum of Contemporary Art next month at “What is Art For” Exhibit.
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